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Playing Guitar is considered as a challenging task. Many Guitarists even play harmonica along with the Guitar in order to add more fun while singing or playing any musical instrument. A lot of Guitarist has come up in the market and recently, we compiled a list of Top 10 Guitar players that have earned significant fame in this Industry.


  1. Angus Young

Australian Guitarist born in the year 1955 has a Scottish background and is the co-founder of a popular band called AC/DC. This hard rock band is driven by this great man as a lead guitarist, a songwriter. Although he was born at a beautiful place Glasgow, Scotland, he later shifted to Australia at a tender age of eight. He was ranked at the 24th position amongst the top 100 Guitarist by Rolling Stone Magazine.


  1. David Gilmour

An English Singer who was born on March 6 in the year 1946. He is a songwriter, a brilliant composer, has hands on playing different types of instruments plus a record producer. He joined Pink Floyd, a rock band as a guitarist and soon became a co-lead vocalist in the year 1968 replacing Syd Barrett, founder of the band, who later left the band.


  1. Eddie Van Halen

This Dutch-American guitarist born in the year 1965 is a world-class songwriter and a producer. His fans know him for his ultimate guitar playing skills, occasional keyboardist. Van Halen, a rock band of Guitarist, is co-founded by this man, making him one of the best guitarists of the 20th century. In the year 2011, he was ranked at the 8th position amongst the list of top 100 Greatest Guitarist.


  1. Eric Clapton

This great musician born in the year 1945 is a well-known English guitarist, ultimate singer, and an amazing songwriter. He is the only person who has worked three times at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Once he played as a solo artist and then as a part of the team of the Yard birds and Cream. He is basically known for his unique guitar playing skills, and many of his fans admire him for that. He was ranked at the second position amongst the top 100 Guitarists as per Rolling Stone magazine.


  1. Jimi Hendrix

An American guitarist, a brilliant singer and dedicated songwriter. He was born on November 27, 1942, and entertained audiences until the year 1970 only. His main career lasted only for four years, but his contribution in the Industry created an impeccable influence ever seen in the history of music. He was considered as one of the best musicians of that century. One of his Albums describes him as the greatest guitarist ever born in the history of rock music category.


  1. Jimmy Page

Founder of Led Zeppelin, a rock band, born in the year 1944, is a famous musician and a songwriter who has received many of the International success in the field of Guitar. He is one of the popular and the most influential guitarist of all times.


  1. Kirk Hammett

Another Guitarist who was born in the year 1962 and served the nation as a lead guitarist. He wrote a song for the heavy metal band, Metallica and since then, he became an active member of the band. Before being a part of this band, he formed his own band called Exodus. As per Rolling Stone Magazine report of the year 2003, Hammett has been ranked at the 11th position amongst the Top 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. Again in the year 2009, he was ranked at the 15th position in a book, written by Joel McIver.


  1. Slash

Popular British-American Guitarist and songwriter. Plays Guitar in one of the popular bands called Guns N’ Roses, leading the team members to bring something that can drive maximum audience traffic to their band..


  1. Stevie Ray Vaughan

This extraordinary guitarist was born in the year 1954 and surprised everyone when he left everyone in the year 1990. He was a known American Guitarist, singer, and a songwriter plus record producer. Despite his serving of only 7 years in the music Industry, he gained a recognizable popularity that was never hidden from a person loving Guitar unconditionally.


  1. Synyster Gates

Youngest of all guitarist mentioned on our list and was born on July 7 in the year 1981. This American singer is popular amongst his fans by his stage name only. He was ranked at the 87th position amongst the top 100 Guitarist by Rolling Stone Magazine.


This list of Top 10 Guitarist has been compiled after years of research. There are more to come that will be updated over a period of time.

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