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So you have finally decided to get your first guitar and there is nothing to stop you from getting one. You browsed the internet for some good models and are there at the music store to get one for yourself. You are made to stand in front of almost a hundred good looking differently priced guitars and Baaam… there comes the question- Which one should I buy?

For beginners, buying a guitar is like dream come true- a golden opportunity to finally start off with their much anticipated musical journey. But buying the wrong or inappropriate guitar to start off can crush the dream and hopes as fast as they first began. Many self taught beginners tend to commit mistake by buying the wrong guitar which has not been designed for the beginners. Tough to handle design, no effortless or comfortable positioning and you can connect the dots. Thus, guitar selection is very crucial when it comes to buying the first guitar which is why we bring you the perfect guide for buying your first guitar.

Taking that you probably belong to level zero, there are three main type of guitars to begin with-

  1. Acoustic Guitar with steel strings (includes acoustic guitars with fitted electrical)
  2. Electric guitar which include hollow body semi acoustics
  3. Nylon string classical guitar

So every guitar has its own specific features and disadvantages among advantages. Here, we are going to evaluate a few factors that you can consider before narrowing down to the guitar you would like to buy.


Ease of playability

If you really want to kick in without much effort, the best bet is an electric guitar which is narrow bodied and has thinner strings as compared to the other two types. It is easier to press and hold down on an electric because of its low action. However, the acoustic guitar introduces you to the real world of harmonics. Even though it is the basic guitar, it is tough to play down on the fret board of a good acoustic guitar. Nylon string guitar is easy to press and hold strings on but it has a wide neck which troubles the beginner guitarists.


Quality Sound and Style

Style is pretty much what most people want with their guitars, especially the first one. Needless to say, electric is high on style and you can flaunt rock as well as pop on this guitar. If folk is your thing, an acoustic is the better choice. For those willing to dive into the classics, nylon string is the best bet.

They all sound different and are great in their respective genres. Just keep in mind what you want to play in the next three-four months which will get you a clearer picture of your choice ahead. After all, you can’t play metal on a nylon string classical guitar!

Your first guitar might not be the best in the world but you would hate to practice with a crap sounding piece of metal or wood that is no good to you or your genre. Thus, I suggest you do not keep much of budget constraint in the first guitar that you are going to buy.


So which one at last…

Any expert claiming to say that they know which the best guitar to buy is, are probably closed towards the realm of music or are just old fashioned. No one guitar is fit for all type of songs. Keep in mind that even if you have to pay a few extra bucks to get the branded guitar, you should not settle for a cheap third grade model which will hold you from achieving your full potential in practice. There are over hundreds of choices which can be narrowed down in several hundred ways. However, let’s simplify-

If you want to see yourself hitting triplets and heavy guitar metal solos, electric is the best buy for you. Go for it without second thoughts. Even if you simply want to begin easy and practice, it is better to buy electric as it is easier to hold and play an electric. Just to make sure, avoid a floating bridge one as they are very difficult and tricky to handle.

Acoustics are good to start with if you want to play unplugged and want to go with some soft stuff instead of metal. Acoustics have their own feel but as mentioned, they require a lot of effort to play.

Western classical enthusiasts should go for nylon string models to learn finger style and typical Spanish style after which the guitar has been named.

As per my views, unless you have a specific genre in mind, an electric guitar is the best for you and if you want to play it safe, you can go for the semi electrical. No need to worry about the amplifier if you buy an electrical and plan to practice well for first few months. The electrical can be played silently for practice without the amplifier. Easy to play and gain speed on, you can be a performer or a composer soon enough after you play an electrical and practice it continuously. Just make sure you make the most of your practice time and choose the right plectrum to practice.

While buying the guitar, make sure of the follow the following tips, always-

  1. Be sure of the budget you can allot. Don’t be too tight and refrain fom overspending the first time. Research well for latest popular models.
  2. Always have patience to check it out from the shop.
  3. Try not to order online as you can decide and check the comfort of the model in a shop and not from a website.
  4. Go with a trusted name- Martin, Taylor, Washburn, ESP, Yamaha, Ibanez, Fender, etc. might be costly but they give value for money which is why electric or acoustic, you will never regret buying from these brands.

So, good luck with getting your very first guitar to start of your musical journey.

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