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Playing guitar is a skill, playing it better needs practice like any other skill. You might think that you play guitar like Eric Clapton but do you? Getting better on your guitar techniques is not at all difficult and given below are 20 tips to play guitar better. Let us take a look at one by on:


  1. Practice Your Favorite Song

If you do what love, then you will do it with interest. Practicing your favorite song daily will not only develop further interest in playing, but you would get a feel that you are playing like your guitar hero. It would not be easy to go and easily copy legends. Yes, it would take time, in the end; you will see your guitar skills improving.


  1. Record Your Session

It may look that you are playing perfectly hitting every note like it should be. If you record, then you will get know the real difference? Record it solo or with a band, the benefit of recording is you can identify yourself & not only about guitar techniques & can also improve on your movements too. Overall, it is a good practice to follow.


  1. Play Slower

Everyone wants to play fast as most of the guitar players think that it is good to play fast. The difference between playing fast & playing slow is that you will see your mistakes. You will get to know learn about rhythm & phrasing. It is a proven way to play guitar better.


  1. Change Strings Of Your Guitar

Do experiment with various gauge strings. Heavier strings serve different purpose & light strings provide different benefits. The heavier string would make you strengthen your tone without much ease. The name of the game is to experiment. Replacing your string gauge would bring the best of you.


  1. Play Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You only love one style of music, but if you will explore other kinds of music and play them, then you will learn that is natural. It will also improve your playing style when you will come back to your natural playing style.


  1. Taking Care Of Your Guitar

Keep your guitar clean, tinker with few strings, and get a setup. By doing this, you’re playing experience would get better & better. Even a small change in your kit would prove to be essential & you can play more freely.


  1. Play With Other Guitarist’s

You and your friend cannot play the guitar in a similar way. Try playing with different peoples to learn more. They can have a different style of playing, different rhythm style, new style to tinker chords. Playing with someone else will improve your guitar rhythm. They might also can learn something from you.


  1. Get Lessons From a Professional

Taking lessons should not hurt your ego as they are for both beginner & a professional. A professional can help you clear your doubts. No one is old to learn & neither are you. You have nothing to lose & will learn more.


  1. Buy Guitar Books

Buying good & latest books based on guitar would improve your guitar experience. Whether it’s about learning scales, theory investing in a book would help you. Print might seem old fashioned, but good guitar books provide a boost to your guitar playing.


  1. Make Use of Metronome

Using a metronome, you can play quirky rhythm, before or upfront of the beat. You can see Keith Richards that relies on knowing where the beat lies. Solo practice with a metronome will help you with temp.


  1. Take Help Of Technology

Technology can help your tune sound better, but not always make your guitar sound better. From recording application to amp emulation software, there is a tech of the host which will help you.


  1. Reserve a Gig

If you want to book a gig, then the first thing you need to do is to think about to your school exams. Simply focus on your mind and looming deadline and don’t think about anything else. Also, if it’s just an open-mic night then also book a gig. You will be surprised how much drive you have to play better.


  1. Switch Instruments

It could be difficult, but you must try to play a different instrument once in a while. Guitarists who play bass will soon get to know about the groove. Play the piano and you will find yourself thinking more about scales and notes outside the 6-string comfort zone.


  1. Try To Capo

Just buy a Capo and you will find yourself in another world. Capo is not so expensive, you do not need to retune, and you can quickly play your usual progressions in E-flat or A#. It will help you to learn more about harmonic possibilities and playing the guitar.


  1. Don’t ‘Jam’ Endlessly

Everyone likes a random jam. If you are in a band practice, then just stay with a regime. Focus on the songs. Play songs.


  1. Go Zen

Zen guitar by Philips Toshio Sudo’s is the series of books are a cult classic. Example quotes?” Zen guitarist should focus on image rather than the audience”. And “the most interesting and honest story is that of your own experience. Simply convey your story with that guitar.” No need of chords or theory exercise. Simply Zen. It will suit you.


  1. Buy FX Pedal

Some amazing music quickly takes place with the help of FX pedal. Colour your sound and new worlds can open up.


  1. Bin Your Pick

It would be scary if you always make use of a pick. But also listen to the likes of Jeff Back and Mark Knopfler. They are different kind of players who play the electric guitar just by using the fingers. And also it is a good exercise to see if your fingers are actually working better than the picks. There can be great fragility in using the fingers.


  1. “Build up” Song And Solos

In a band and got your slot to the wall? Think about it. The shredding scale is all fine and good, but the finest songs and solos have a structure, tempo changes and memorable beats.


  1. Create a Song

There is no need to become new Bob Dylan of lyrics to write a song. When the rhythm should be played, phrasing, space, chord changes, when to think about a solo, etc. No need to share, do for yourself. It will make you understand the song properly.


Simple tips for all type of guitarists. Pick and play your own.

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